BlueEyedMonkey on March 3rd, 2008

Some of you know that I run an after school program, as 1/2 of my job. The goal is to increase the number of black youth in the California College system. There is a long story behind this work, but I won’t go into that in depth. Let’s just say that we are trying to […]

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BlueEyedMonkey on July 1st, 2006

‘cuz nebris  said so… a) pick up the book which is the closest to you at this moment b) open to page 123 c) find the third sentence d) post that sentence in your Live Journal (plus these instructions) e) don’t choose the book, just pick up the one closest to you 3rd stanza:Your sacred […]

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BlueEyedMonkey on April 9th, 2006

POETS AGAINST the WAR Evan Burdette 13 years old My Father Was A Soldier In one soldier there is a simple song, a song about love, a song about hate. One day this song will demonstrate, how one voice, above all others will stand strong and follow his heart. He sings a song, a sweet sweet song […]

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BlueEyedMonkey on April 4th, 2006

I am listening to “Every Tone a Testimony”. It’s a 2CD set by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. I got it in a KPFK(radio) fund drive a few years back. Langston Hughes says…. THE NEGRO SPEAKS OF RIVERS By Langston Hughes I’ve known rivers: I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of […]

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