BlueEyedMonkey on July 1st, 2006

fireworks… *singing* Anticipation…anticipation…

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BlueEyedMonkey on January 19th, 2006

Because of cyclical lunar dating, the first day of the year can fall anywhere between late January and the middle of February. On the Chinese calendar, 2006 is Lunar Year 4703-4704. On the Western calendar, the start of the New Year falls on January 29, 2006 — The Year of the Dog.

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BlueEyedMonkey on October 30th, 2005

My Halloween Costume Well, this is most of it. I’m not wearing my wings. I either look sexy or upset here. :p Tomorrow, at the Horrorpops show, I’ll have my friend take some REAL pictures of me in my full costume. I’ll also try to post a video clip of the show.

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BlueEyedMonkey on October 30th, 2005

I have journalers guilt, therefor I will place a CUT where a 5000 word essay should be. :~p

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