I have a few hand picked volunteer positions… Multicultural Americans of Southern California and Coreopsis.org being two of them. Otherwise, I can’t afford for my time and skill to be given away. Who can? I know quite a few freelancers and this is a widespread issue. I do recall a certain incredible seamstress I know having this issue in the past. “You want me to make you a dress that takes me 50 hrs. to make at materials costs only? You are kidding right?”

When a friend asks for a quote for my service I feel respected and want to help. It means that they understand that a person’s skills, including their own, are worthy of compensation. Would you go to an office 9to5 for thank you’s and accolades only? No.

The reality is, and those who do business with me know this, even in paid positions I always end up offering some extra time or giving seriously reasonable rates for services other’s would charge double for. Why? Because as a consultant it is all about relationship building. I will be successful if I a) have ongoing clients who look to me for several projects b) get referrals from folks who think my work is exemplary and who feel they get high value when they work with me.

I am grateful for the opportunities that Creator lays in my path. I look at each one as having promise and merit for me as an individual beyond payment. It is fairly easy for some to see this and take advantage of that. Or attempt to anyway.

I am blessed in that my friends who have chosen to hire me for their projects are fair and amazing to work with. I pray that this pattern continues and will pledge to stand up for myself when the rare individual tries to leverage my compassion and friendship. I will lovingly refuse the work and meet them for coffee!

Have I told ya’ll lately how much I truly appreciate everyone’s support and encouragement? You all are the reason I am still pushing forward.

Blessings and love….

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