I have so much to catch all of you up on. I will post about the house I am renting and how all of that came to be, but this time around I want to share about my gardening plans.

I leave for a trip to Hawaii in 5 days, and when I get back I will be planting a few raised beds with fall/winter veggies. In the meantime I have herbs growing and I just planted a small corn patch in front of the house.

When I build my raised beds I will talk about how I amended the soil et al. I was going to do that here but it will end up being a lot of pictures of dirt. I may post those pictures later.

What you see here in order:

1) The wholes I dug for the corn plants with Bat Guano as fertilizer. Corn needs nitrogen and manure from cow or horse would burn the plants.

2) I had to put up a small fence around the patch so that Brigid and Sophie would not continue to do their business in the fresh soft dirt. Brigid and Sophie are my cats.

3) I bought starter plants because it is late in the season to start corn seeds. With California weather the plants should grow just fine, however.

4) This is what it looked like just before I started to put the plants in the ground.

5) This is when I was half way done. You can see my digging tool (sort of) , the bat guano, the small solar light and the beautiful dirt.

6) Here it is folks! Step up and see the teensy weensy corn patch! It seems to be growing well so far. I planted it two weeks ago. So, if all goes well we will have fresh sweet white corn to share/eat around Nov. 1.


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