Ok ya’ll. Now sit down and listen to a tale about a woman who did her due diligence and ensured her registration before going to vote, just to have a small group of misinformed citizens deny her right to cast a regular ballot.

History: I am 40 years old and have voted in every election since I was 18 years old. The last two Presidential elections I have been forced to file a provisional ballot even though I knew I was registered.

I re-registered due to moving since the last election. I received my voter registration card in the mail at my home. It states that I was registered on Oct. 14, 2008 and was eligible to vote in any election after Oct. 28, 2008. I received my sample ballot mailed to my home.

I made sure I had my license with me when I got in line at Bassett elementary school at 7:20 AM on Tuesday November 4, 2008. The line was pretty long, but a woman came by and called people who had the words "Yellow Table" on their sample ballot book. That’s ME! I was excited that we were shepherded to the front of the line for our area. YAY! But, yet I felt anxious for some reason.I brushed it off and enjoyed conversation with a nice yung woman who was there with her 4 mos. old baby daughter.

When I reached the Yellow Table, I gave the woman my name. She looked at my sample ballot to see if she heard my name correctly. She looked at the book and did not find my name. She said:, "You are not here, you must vote provisional." I protested stating I ahd my registration ard in my hand and showed it to her. She then, and only then, looked at the "blue book" or late registrants book. My name was not there either.

It was at this time that I began to cry. I was so outraged that I could not hold back the tears. They were tears of anger and disbelief. I stated to the woman who told me I had to vote provisional: I will not vote provisional. I check the law last night and since I have my proof of registration, ID and mail proving my address you must give me a reular ballot." She and another woman told me I was wrong. She stated that if I could find my name on the sheets I could sign and vote. If not, and I refuse her offer to vote she does not care if I vote and I can leave. I AM NOT KIDDING!

I then stated that I would not be voting provisionally and that I did not appreciate her becoming antagonistic with me. She said she was not. I then stated that I would be reporting this. She disappeared and came back with a  tissue for me. She then came around the table and tried to console me with a half hug. Another poll worker did the same. I told them I did not need sympathy, I needed my right under State law to vote with a regular ballot.

She offered me a chair and tried to smooth things over by stating loudly(so all in line could hear) that they were going to make sure my vount was counted this time. They made me watch as they licked my envelope and placed it in teh ballot box(under the machine). The woman who placed it in the box stated to me that I should call and file my complaint with the Registrar so the can fix my records.

Note: to show you how much EVERY citizen is subject to becoming a diseased part of the sick body politic, both of those woman were Black. The supposed person in charge was an older(65+) woman and the woman who suggested I file my grievance was a Black woman about 40 years old. BTW: I am half black and have blue eyes and could pas for white if I did not know who I am. It is not about that. It has NOTHING to do with race or class in my case. It has EVERYTHING to do with a broken system. Uniformed or misinformed poll workers and a silent public.

I will NOT be silent.

I immediately spoke to my boss who was very understanding, as usual(she’s amazing) and my boyfriend who told me "Call the Cops T!". Maybe I should have?  TIM ROBINS LET THEM CALL THE COPS

I went to Obama headquarters because it was nearby and they gav

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