I have had just about enough of the constant news that voters….almost all voting democratic…are having trouble voting. Ya’ll are educated and informed, so I will not go into all the ways this is happening here, but I will let you know what has and is happening to me and my son.

I have been registered to vote since I was 18. I move a lot so I make sure I re-register each time I move. In the last two presidential elections….2000 & 2004, I was forced to cast a provisional ballot and guess what? My vote was NOT counted. Once I voted independent *ahem*, once Democratic.

Regardless of who we may vote for, I made sure my 18 year old(first time voter) son and I were registered by going HERE and checking. I encourage every one of you to do the same in your state. Make sure your registration or registration changes are processed and that you will be able to cast your vote without delay.

My son registered at school. His ballot was dropped off in Norwalk, at the County Election Commission. He IS registered. However, when my sample ballot showed up last night, he received a "permanent Vote By Mail" packet. Somehow he was logged as requesting to vote by mail. This is ridiculous as he has NEVER voted before, as he just turned 18 on Sept. 6, 2008. He needed guidance on filling out the registration form itself, and had no access to "vote by mail" applications.

So, how do you suppose this occurred and why? Anyone have a theory?

I’m angry about this. Voting by mail is complex. If you do not mail in a copy of valid voter iD, sign the OUTSIDE of the envelope and cross and "i"s and dot all "t"s your ballot in rendered invalid. It is a very tricky way for a new voter to vote. I’m not claiming conspiracy here folks. You know me too well for that. What I am saying is that it may be that they are attempting to stop gridlock at the polls and inadvertently causing many first time voters to a) not know what to do b) cast an invalid vote c) get discouraged d) ask another voter for help.

Well, in our case, we will sit down on Friday morning and go over the entire ballot and discuss the ballot measures. He already knows who he wants to be his next President. He will vote as his heart and mind lead him. We will go to Norwalk on Friday early morning and cast our EARLY votes together. I will not wait until election day and have anything get in the way of our vote. Additionally, I ahve to work 9:30AM to 6:00PM about 1 hour from my polling place. If the lines are as long as projected, I will a) miss work time which means missed pay b) not be able to vote c) kick a poll workers tushie.

Incidentally, the building I work in is a polling place. Not my polling place though. Many of my students will be voting here before computer class. It will be interestuing to hear and see what goes down that day in this heavily diverse yet primamrily Black district.

May the force…uhm…vote be with you! Vote long and prosper.

uh…yah…I’m a geek. But, I’m cute. ;p

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