This is the last weekend I have to get ready for the trip to Chicago! eek! I have sooooooo much to do. I have a long list of things to do, to buy, to prepare.

Since I sold my Jeep, I will need to rent a car this weekend in order to get it all done and have some fun in the process. I found a rental at Enterprise for $15 a day! YAY! That’s totally affordable. I will pick the rental up tomorrow morning and keep it until Monday early AM.

I have to do laundry, go to the garment district for a couple of cool shirts and such, pick up some coffee from Cafe Para LA Digna Vida, buy photo paper and print the photos for V’s keepsake album(so he doesn’t forget what I look like), revamp my Sansa with the new firmware and hook up the playlists for the trip..and so much more.

Saturday is my son’s 18th birthday, but since he is uhm…on lock down…he will ahve to spend the day with me and go to an art show at The Hive and dinner of his choosing. Probably BBQ on Spring St.! yummm….

Sunday night one of the woman that I did the "ONE" class and production with is filming her video live at a clob in LA. That will be tons of fun! It’s FREE!

A jam packed weekend to balance out the totally laid back and relaxing one last week. But, I am getting more and more excited about Chicago and I’ll probably be all set and packed by Sunday eve. lol

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