On Wednesday I entered a “codeword” into a  form at the FOX 11 LA w4ebsite after watching the morning news show. It was a contest to win a pair of tickets to a FOX LA special preview of the new Simpsons Krustyland ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, CA. The “codeword” was Springfield…which is also the name of our hometown. ­čÖé

WE WON! yay!

The studios are about 20 mins. from our house.

We went at 7AM this morning and rode the ride. It was a LOT of fun.

This is the front of the ride with a few FOX LA staffers manning a camera.

Same from a different angle.

Theeee Siiiiiimpsooons…….

The line area.

The ride itself is 6 cars next to each other with different entrances. We got the front seat both times we rode. The car lifts up and you are in a 1/2 dome theater. The ride was VERY well done and parts of it felt like a real roller coaster, waterfall and water.

It opens to the public on May 19th.

We rode a few others rides since we had passes given to us for the event. We left before it got too hot and all of the tourists drove us to kill, kill, kill.

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  1. fairwells says:


    Woohoo. That’s awesome! Congrats!

  2. […] 4 languages. When he was 16 I won tickets on Fox 11 LA to go to the opening day of┬áthe┬ánew The┬áSimpson’s Ride:┬áKrustyland at Universal Studios. It is a fantastic ride. I highly recommend it to kids of all ages. btw: Duff […]

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