I have a very close male friend, J, who is an actor/director/playwright and acting teacher/coach. over the years, he has created a unique acting/exploration technique called “The Process”. His acting workshop (school) is called The Scared Actor. Click to see his website.

For years he has sent out calls for actors to his email list of about 30 of us. Many of the people on the list are professional/experienced actors. Some have been on TV and such. Some are local theater actors, dancers, etc. Some are just average folk who are taking the workshop for personal growth.

I have probably never talked about this here, but I have always liked to play characters. When I was in my early 20’s I ran a teen peer education group and we wrote short plays to get the message across. I was always the director and always had a knack for it. Over the years I have been to countless youth conferences and participated in role plays and often played a black male ten. When i do, people always ask me if I am mixed(duh!) and are astonished at how I take on a character who is so different from my persona.

Why? Because I have a quasi-photographic memory and notice all sorts of details in everyone I meet and see each day. I have a store house of things to draw from.

So…J sent out an email this morning asking all of his female friends to consider taking a spot in his current workshop because they need another woman to round out the group. I sent him an email saying that I have thought about being part of his classes for years and especially since he started his own business. But, I am broke(the workshop is costly) and would not want to take a spot from a professional actor.

He emailed me back saying that I would be a great addition to the group and if I CAN do it, that I should. So, I asked my students if I should do it. They all said, “go for it!'” So, I called J and talked to him about it. And…

Next Monday at 7PM, I will start and acting workshop. It happens every Monday night from now until August. In August we will be up on stage. EEEEEK!

In 2 months I will turn 40. It’s been looking more and more like my original birthday plan will not happen. But, the whole point is to do something life affirming on or near my birthday. Sooooooooo….I will be acting in a real play in Hollywood proper! wooohooooo!

I have no aspirations to be famous ya’ll. This is for my soul!

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5 Comments on When In Hollywood do as the Hollywoodians Do

  1. That’s quite the undertaking!

    BTW I’ve been thinking a lot about the sweat lodges. Recently I was able to secure a 12″ hand-held shamanic drum, which I am waiting anxiously for. I was wondering if they did drumming during the sweat lodge.


    • B.E.M. says:

      Hi there.

      Happy belated birthday! Also, drums are allowed in the lodge. However, not sure what a shamanic drum is. The word Shaman in a touchy one in true Native American culture. Anyway..

      Just let me know when you are ready to sweat. I will start forwarding you the sweat lodge announcements and then we can plan to go. 🙂

      stay cool!


  2. It’s something that, if you can do it, you should. 😀 Good luck, and I’m sure you’ll be tres fabulous! 😀 *hugs*

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