I just made myself a cup of tea and an english muffn to start my day.

I was reminded of an ex co-worker who once, in response to me talking about liking my tea with milk, said to me, “I have never heard of that before.” And at my insistence that at least one whole continent of folks drink it this way “traditionally” , she said, “Tatyanna, you are the ONLY person I have ever heard of drinking tea with milk. I’ve never heard of it!”

She was  agitated that I would have the audacity to think that my eccentric ways(they all thought I was weird anyway) would be imposed on anyone else in the world.

The harsh reality is that I am unique and eccentric, especially compared to people who spend $150 on a regular basis on shoes when they only make $300/wk. , buy only make-up at MAC(like $90 pressed powder) ‘cuz that what’s true women do, etc. etc.

I AM a non conformist. Indeed. And proud as heck of it. But, seriously, I did not create the concept of drinking milk and tea out of my evil weirdo construct.


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11 Comments on A Cupa’ Tea

  1. rebelfilms says:

    I always have my tea with milk. and sugar.

  2. Those dratted limeys! *hee hee* Actually tried tea and milk once…and I think I used the wrong kind of tea. Ack! I’ll stick with lemon. 🙂

  3. beloved_juno says:

    Yeah really! As I understand it, that’s the traditional British way to have your tea. Also, there are certain tea varieties that are all the rage here in America right now (like Chai, for instance) that are more or less served with milk as a rule. How could you not have heard of tea with milk??

    • B.E.M. says:

      This woman did this with several things I was into. She, and all my co-workers(4 women), had the mentality that I was out there and if I was into something they had not heard of or seen I was making it up. Drones. Drones I tell yah!

  4. On Vermont?

    Was this at the place on Vermont?
    Have some sympathy for the provincials. Yours is the opportunity to expose them to things outside their world. 🙂

  5. fairwells says:

    tea with milk

    I used to drink my tea with milk. But now I drink green tea.

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