About 2.5 years ago I had a period where I was unemployed and was able to focus on volunteering for causes I care about as well as focusing on my spiritual needs. It was a powerful and life changing period in my life and brought many people and opportunities onto my life.

Lately, due to the restrictions that high gas prices bring about and a slight depression/stress coma, I have gotten away from my daily spiritual practice and it’s rewards. It’s hard to break out of a routine that one finds them self mired in. It’s like being buried under an invisible layer of life. You can see the things you should do, and want to do, but can’t quite reach out of this place to get there.

Yet, I have been spending a good deal of time playing around with ideas and plans for breaking loose. I just need to get back to that place of surrender to Spirit’s guidance and strength where I was 2 years ago.

I am making a commitment, out loud, to walk at the Nature Preserve in the Sepulveda Basin at least once a week. I am working my way up to a daily walk. It’s about 3/4 mile from my front door. It would be CRAZY not to take nature up on her offer of herself to me. It’s not by accident that we moved to this area. We are surrounded by green space and recreational options.

To be honest, one of the reasons I got so deep into my spiritual practice back then was that I had no cable nor an antennae for my TV. It cleared my head of all the noise. Even though I was online ALL THE TIME and posting to LJ like a mad woman (go look at all the posts..good stuff starting Oct. 05), my spirit was strong and open.

One problem is that i have not had internet access at home, aside from the BB. I have been gifted with someone paying for my home phone service so I can get the internet soon. So, less TV, more alternative media. YAY!

You may think that I should just chuck the electronics and go natural/feedback free? But, the internet is part of what I do for a living and where I interact with the world. It brings so much more to me(and everyone) than TV. It allows us to connect, hear and touch things all over the world.

Once I was free of the extra noise and all the soul sucking (it’s true) media that is TV, I was free to feel the power of true surrender. It’s liberating and brings so much blessing to one’s life.I want and need that now, although I have a lot to be thankful for, I need the peace that comes with peace of spirit.

This is not the most coherent post, but ya’ll get the jest. I am looking forward to posting more regularly. Not online at home yet, but soon!

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  1. disneyphile says:

    One of the things I love most about camping and cruising – I leave all technology behind, except my music. During those times, I feel most relaxed and reconnected with nature. Sometimes, I’ll kick back and listen to the ocean, and other times, I like to listen to some spiritual music while watching the waves crash. I can’t begin to describe the solace it brings.

    • B.E.M. says:


      Yes. Just getting out into the Nature Preserve(near the archery range in Van Nuys) one day last week was soooo soothing. Just getting over that hump of lethargy is the hardest part. *sigh*

      btw…I didn’t see the post about your mother until this weekend. I almost never read my flsit. I was every sorry to hear about it.*hug*

  2. Hello! It’s nice to hear what’s going on with you at the moment :o)

    I can understand the TV thing. I have a couple of set programmes I watch (because I’m slightly addicted to CSI and Numbers, lol) but other than that the idiot-box stays off.

    I miss the times when I could just go off for a walk up hills…it felt like talking to God out there :o)

  3. There’s nothing more noble than centering yourself spritiually and emotionally. That’s when you can do the most personal growth. 🙂

    *hugs* I’ve missed you, of course, but I understand where you’re coming from. I had to do that myself (unplug) for awhile after the whole divorce crap happened.

  4. nightsinge says:

    Wishing you peace and success on this leg of the path.

  5. fairwells says:

    getting in back with nature

    I think that’s wonderful you want to get back in touch with your spiritual side and nature. Kudos to you =)

  6. I think LiveJournal is very therapeutic. Helps you get in touch with somethings when you have to write them down.

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