Howdy everyone…

I am not dead, but I do not have internet access at home. Posting from my blackberry takes too long.

I moved into the new house on the 13th and then I got sick. I tried to do too much unpacking and organizing and hurt my back. I was bent over like a hunchback. But, now the place is shaping up and I am excited to be in my cute cozy new house. yay!

I’ll write a proper update soon.

I have not had time to read my friends list. Anything exciting going on?

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  1. Good luck with the unpacking. Hope you get back soon.

  2. I have not had time to read my friends list. Anything exciting going on?

    Oh, you know, blood, pain, violence…and that was just getting me to the Doc’s for a blood test :oP

    Glad the new house is working out – hope you get back to us soon :o)

    • B.E.M. says:

      hehe you’re so bad.

      I am calling about internet in a minute. I can’t stand not having it.

      • LOL.

        Seriously though…
        Dave got officially diagnosed with both Aspergers and severe clinical depression, after he got incredibly violent…

        I’m undergoing diagnosis for M.E and think I’ve been sacked from the job which I worked 2 days in before my body went into relapse (which they now think is M.E/CFS or something similar)….

        Lots has happened – my head hurts from it all :o(

        • B.E.M. says:

          wow. I am sorry to hear about your ailment. Hopefully, if they figure it out, you can get treatment finally. Natural I hope.

          I am glad to hear that Dave was diagnosed. I am freaked out about the violence. I’ll have to go read I guess.

          🙁 I’m glad you are ok though. *hug*

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