More later with pics..but…

This afternoon, Spirit provided my son and I(and the two cats) a 2 bedroom/ 2 FULL bathroom house. It’s technically a duplex, but really a house with an attached mother-in-law apartment. We have the house. It’s amazing. Affordable too. Incredible, really.

Thank you creator for these challenges and this blessing.

I have the keys in my hot little hand.

9 Comments on We Have Us a HOUSE

  1. nebris says:

    Got yer text. Yay!


  2. theresaboo says:

    Blessed Be!

    I’ve always said good things happen to go people. =)

  3. disneyphile says:

    Oooh yay! 🙂

    Sounds like at least a couple of us are celebrating new homes this season! 😀

    • B.E.M. says:

      Wooohooo! 🙂

      You all moved and getting settled?

      • disneyphile says:

        Um, kinda. There’s still a lot of crap at the old place that will take us until the end of the month to bring over. Sometimes, I wish I could have a yard sale. 😉

        • B.E.M. says:

          Ya’ Right!

          You? A Yard sale. But, you would have to buy more stuff to keep around you. It’s what you do. ;p

          I have gotten rid of so much each and every move that I am down to the stuff that makes me happy. I even considered letting the stuff in one storgae unit go but my hats and books are in there, so I changed my mind.

          I’m gonna have a housewarming in December. Ya’ll are on the list. It will be nice to see you. Wait ’til you see the J man. heh

  4. Congrats

    Congrats on the new place!

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