I am sick, sick ,sick of fake gurus, spiritual experts and the money hungry cows that join their herds and graze on their bullshit.

This guy is all the things to hate about fake shamans and so much more! This guy makes me ill.

I agree that the energy we focus on has a big effect on what comes into our lives, but the more I read and hear about the Secret and it’s followers the more I laugh and cringe all at once. It’s ridiculous new age profit seeking garbage for folks who like their spirituality printed on green paper and watered down so they can digest it with their non fat decaf lattes. One’s relationship with Spirit and core ethics/beliefs/actions are what brings us what we “attract” in this life.

My favorite BLOG this week: GURUPHILIAC

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4 Comments on “We” Keep Buying This Crap, They Keep Selling It

  1. nebris says:

    Dreaming Bear. lol Sounds like a Pussy Hustle to me. ;D


    • B.E.M. says:

      Yep Indeedy Doo

      Tis’ that and much more. He actually used to teach at Long Beach State. Probably got in with the American Indian Studies folks and viola…instant guru!

      IMHO the women who fall for this type of gurus line are pathetic. ie, half of the female population see salvation in the acceptance(sexual confirmation of their womanhood) of a warrior/savior/guru, etc.

      I wanna slap him and the women who follow his tight ass!

  2. I personally don’t buy into 99% of all that crap. I find my strength and my communion with my Higher Power from within and through nature. That’s all the self-help I ever really need. And Nature’s free. 🙂

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