So timely….
“If there is a shadow of a doubt someplace, that will cause a weakness.”
–Wallace Black Elk, LAKOTA
In the Spiritual World there is a spiritual Law. The Law says like attracts like. This means whatever mental picture we hold inside our minds we will attract from the Universe. To make this Law work we must maintain a constant picture. If we picture or vision something, and along with this picture we have doubting thoughts, our vision will not happen and we will get EXACTLY what we picture or vision. The Law always works. A doubting vision will not materialize what we want. A vision without doubt will always happen. This is a spiritual Law.

My Maker, today, let my vision become strong

6 Comments on Elder’s Meditation of the Day – June 7

  1. nebris says:

    I didn’t forget…

    Hi, you. I’m kicking it ‘in casa’ today, heading downtown tomorrow. I’ll let ya know the details later, k? =)


    • B.E.M. says:

      Re: I didn’t forget…

      Hi there!

      I understand. Tomorrow is cool. I have a meeting with my new boss in Pico Union area at 11AM. I should be free by 12:30. I will have a day pass, so heading downtown will be a breeze and CHEAP! :p Although, I must warn you that I am totally broke until my UI check comes. *sigh*

  2. fairwells says:

    Oh I like this law a lot. But but, I’m such a doubting Thomas 🙁

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