I rode the bus today to go do errands in NOHO. I had to take 2 buses there and two back, so I got a day pass. The usual fare for the MTA buses/trains is $1.25 per trip/bus. Day Passes are $3.00. It’s a good deal if you take several buses/trains in a day.

The bus driver was telling us that the MTA just told drivers that the Day PAss fare will go up to $5.00 later this year. But wait, there’s more… He said in 2008 it will be $6.00.

The LA Bus Rider’s Union is going to fight this, I’m sure. I for one will not buy day passes anymore if they do this.

Someone said that the city/county cant afford to keep fares down due to financial resources for public transportation/roads being diverted from the Feds. to the war.

Shrub needs to buy me and my son bus passes. DAMNIT!

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