Hi all!

My roommate has this bad habit of locking the door and then not pulling it shut all the way.  I alerted her to it earlier this week, but she did it again yesterday. My Brigid went out to find some adventure. She has not yet come home, and since she has never been outside at this location, I am concerned she may not be able to figure out how to get back to our 2nd floor apartment.

I have just searched the local LA Shelter site for lost kitties. She is not there YET. I posted a lost cat thingy on their listing service with a photo. I also called the shelter to see if there have been any cats brought in, and they said not today.

Her sister Sophie misses her. We both miss her. She is so energetic and her energy is missing from our home. 🙁

She is not micro chipped yet. The shelter said they do it for $25, so I am going over tehre with Sophie tomorrow to a) look for Brigid in person b) get Sophie chipped. She is NOT gonna’ be happy with me, but…

I am leaving now to go to Kinkos and print some flyers, as I do not have a printer at home. I made the flyer from Sophie. “Can you help me find my sister?” I did it that way because it may coax someone who may try to keep Brigid into enough guilt that they return her.

I am also going to buy a harness and leash for Sophie so that I can walk her in the neighborhood and give Brigid a chance to pick up her sister’s scent. I have been considering walking both of them for a few weeks now, but my S.O. thought I was nutty.

Some of you have seen Brigid before, but here she is:

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  1. Awww, hon…

    That’s awful. Sending hugs to you and Sophie-cat. Hope you find Brigid soon, she’s a gorgeous cat.

  2. fairwells says:

    I’m so sorry Brigid is missing. I hope you find her soon. *squeeze of support* It sounds like you’re doing whatever you possibly can to find her.

  3. disneyphile says:

    Sending you lots of good kitty finding energy! They have good instincts, even if it’s a new place, so hopefully she’ll come home soon. Maybe she’s just on her very own “vision quest” at the moment.

  4. Oh no!! *tight hugs* I hope she comes back, hon. I really do. *worried* Lots of love and good vibes your way hon. I hope she is safe, wherever she ir.

    • B.E.M. says:

      Thank you sweetie. *hugs*

      I’ve been trying to stay cool, but when V called just now I was fighting back tears. I know I’m gonna lose it when he gets here. 🙁

  5. imubdans says:

    Since there is little I can do I am sending good thoughts and hopeful finger crossings for Brigid to find her way home. I lost my Mr. Sneakers for nearly 4 weeks, but he was brought home by some kids. I thank the fliers that I put up. Good luck and massive hugs to you and Sophie during your search!!

    • B.E.M. says:

      Thank you. Your story is encouraging. My roommate is doing a 2nd flier sweep today and we will continue to do so until she is home or otherwise found.

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