There is another *possible* recall of foods containing rice and possibly corn gluten, about to happen. It’s been leaked  to someone at the Huffington Post. HERE

Also, for your reference:

List of foods on recall list(updated daily):


List of food NOT on recall list:


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  1. So far so good with my kitties and dog! *keeping fingers crossed*

    • B.E.M. says:


      The FDA just announced expanding the recall to foods with rice gluten(and melamine).

      Seems like companies may be using melamine in foods to increase protein counts. bad bad news.

      I was feeding them Natural Balance, but they have recalled one of the foods my kitties were eating,. I just don’t know that I feel safe with them. *sigh*

      I am abut to go purchase Filadae wt and dry for my girls.

  2. I own up…

    I *squeeeeeee*d at your icon 🙂 The cute, it burns….

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