I am not sure if any of you remember but I adopted two stray kitties last Spring, Brigid and Sophie, who ended up each ALREADY being pregnant and each having 4 kittens.

Well, we had to move and I was looking for boarding et al. It all worked out. The kittens were adopted out and or placed in pet shops. Brigid and Sophie are now about 1 year old and happy as clams.

But…I had never seen their mother. They were born and lived the first 4 months of their lives in the apartment complex of my S.O. He has tried and tried to get a photograph of her to no avail…until today! woohooo!

Here is the slightly scruffy, but oh so brave and resourceful and her girls. We have thought about a reunion, but…hmmm….



Mama Cat


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2 Comments on Are you My Mama?

  1. Mamakitty’s looking a little disgruntled.


    I’ve got a picture of Stormy, Chloe, and DB’s mom when they were week-old kittens.

    It’s SOOO cute! 😀

    • B.E.M. says:

      Yah. She has been dodging V’s picture taking attempts for months. she does not look pleased! But…that’s what she gets for chillin’ out outside V’s bedroom window.

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