Well, I think I am going to stick with this Decaf coffee thing.

It has been 3 days since I had the hard stuff and I have to admit that my energy level is sky rocketing!

I bought Trader Joe’s Columbian/Sumatra Decaf. It’s pretty good. It’s NOT Ultra Dark Roast Sumatra, but…heh…nothing else can compare to that dark, almost black decadence.*sigh*

Guess I’ll have to retire this icon? Hmm….

anyway….I’m still drinking black tea, so…maybe I’ll keep this icon anyway. :p

3 Comments on 3rd Day No High Octane Coffee

  1. David’s managed to wean down to a half-caff coffee, so he’s actually able to sleep properly at night. *hee hee*

    I’m drinking decaf tea myself (iced tea) because I get bored of plain water. 🙂

  2. rebelfilms says:

    I like that icon anyway..

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