Once again I realize that all my public posts are Elder’s Meditations. Makes it look like that is all I post. I just can’t get with posting stuff about my personal life for all to see.

I have craeted a new blog. It took me a week or so of playing with layour options to find a blog theme/name/look that suited my purpose for that blog.

It only has a couple of posts(Elder’s Med’s actually) at the moment, but I will be populating it as the days go by. It will be for the more serious things I think about.

It is hosted at my web domain blueeyedmonkey.net. Currently there is no “website” persay. I am looking at website templates and will be craetibng a site piece by piece. 1st will be my photo-gallery. I have tons of photos I wish to share and maybe even sell.

So..check out my new blog: www.blueeyedmonkey.net/blog

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