March 17, 2007
Unconditional Acceptance
Cancer Daily Horoscope A sense of open-mindedness may influence you today to accept others unconditionally. While feeling nonjudgmental, you can see that everyone is on their own path with their own lessons. When we judge others, we are using our creative energy negatively rather than productively. The thought that we are putting out into the world may actually attract into our lives the experience we are judging others for. If we see someone making choices we don’t belive we would make, we can send them a positive thought instead or be grateful for the experiences that led us to our choices. When you accept others and their choices unconditionally today, you take a step toward creating a more accepting world.

Our purpose as spiritual beings in the material world is to use our creative energy to choose who we want to be. We are free to choose our experiences in any moment and free to change our minds. We don’t always remember this or realize that we have a choice, but we do. When we can look at the experience of one of the members of our human family and send them a kind thought, we are bringing light into our world. We can never truly know the journey another person has taken to that point in life, so we never truly have enough information to make a reasonable judgment. With this in mind, you can use your energy and information to make the best choices for yourself and your life today.

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  1. I really wish I read this before we went out for a late lunch with S’s family because his sister was being rude and had horrible table manners. I got offended because I notice that she was telling my daughter it was ok to do stuff that she knows I don’t agree on and that my daughter has become just as mouthy and disrespectful as she has been lately. I lost my temper with her attitude and walked away out of the restaurant instead I should have accepted her bad table manners and her attitude and later talked to my daughter in private about how I feel about her mimicking my partner’s sister’s attitude and stuff. I let my anger ruin the time that we could have been spent having fun as a family more than her actions were in a way. It’s hard at times not to get frustrated when others have “different” table manners than you would like or if they are used to taking control so it seems very bossy when they try to take control of everything. On the other hand, she was being a bit of a witch because we are leaving on our road trip before she leaves to go back to Europe. I can see why she is upset; however she has had the whole time here to spend time with S and us and she hasn’t tried to hard to be flexible. It’s her schedule and what she wants to do or nothing. We had offered to cancel our trip and asked if she would like to go on a one day road trip with us to Seattle to go see the EMP (experience music project — music museum) but she was really rude and said she didn’t want to go because she would rather see “people” yet it’s a long road trip and she was complaining that she wanted to spend a lot of time with us before she leaves. Also she knew that we had a trip of some sort planned for spring break. So to compromise, we said we’d give her the whole weekend and will leave on Monday instead of Sunday like we had planned and she is still all pissed off at us, so she really witchy to us during the time we are trying to spend with her.
    Sorry about dumping this all on you but it goes with this a little. I want to be able to accept other’s choices even if I don’t agree with them, but at the same time I wish that they could also do the same. It’s hard not to let the other person’s negativity seep into my actions, thoughts, choices and behaviour. What do you think?

    Also sorry it’s so long I wanted to say I’m almost done one motif of the choker and there are four motifs and the flower, yay I’m going to go back and work on it some more right now. Cheers and have a good weekend.

    • B.E.M. says:


      What do I think? I think you should forgive yourself for getting angry and not being able t just go with the flow. It IS difficult to do.*hug*

      When it comes to s’s sister, it seems that the anger she exudes and all the behaviors she comes up with are meant to have the affect they have on you. It’s a way of controlling those around her. A protection mechanism.

      Consider this oh so apropo horoscope provided by Spirit as a lesson learned. Earlier today I read a comment taht said:”if you don’t let someone get to you..they can’t”. Seems trite, but it’s true.

      You can’t change her. You know this. But, you CAN chnage you reaction to her and after some time she won’t enjoy doing it as much because her “reward” is being taken away.

      Same goes for handling your daughter’s testing out of the behaviors. As you know(we were both 13/14) she is at a stage where she is going to try on all sorts of personality hats just to see what fits, what people like on her and what is just plain crap. Like any fad, the ones that stick are the quality ones. If she is made aware that the *hat* she tries on is just not flattering, but the other one she wore teh other day was gorgeous…she will be ok and you won’t lose your mind.

      Hope that made sense? 🙂 You are an amazing and loving mom and she respects you.

      I am sorry that S’s sister pushes all of your buttons. Goodness knows we all get a few of those folks in our lives and they are meant to challenge us. Case in point: my roomate.

      When I read this scope this morning it really hit me in a deep place. I was able to write a letter to V that expressed my emotions and thoughts about our relationship, from a place of total acceptance of who he is and his journey.

      Just last week I was not so accepting and it showed in all my interactions with him.

      We learn and grow…but we cannot beat ourselves up for not ALWAYS living up to our own standards as superwomen and all around wonderful people. 🙂

      I’m excited for you on your trip and the training. I feel that you will be gaining an amazing and non-judgemental companion(furry as it will be) that will remind you what unconditional accetance is all about. Have a safe journey.

      • It makes sense thanks for your opinion. The only thoughts on this I’ve been getting is S’s (he understands and told put in the same situation he’d do the same). I tried to hold my temper and then later take her aside to tell her how I felt about her behavior and how disrespected I felt when she told me daughter to ignore me and join her in the bad table manners. i talked to my daughter about how her attitude and behaviour has affected everyone around her negatively then asked her if that is what she say even though nobody said anything about it except me and my partner. Then I also praised her for some of the positive things she has done. She admitted to me that she didn’t like the person she has been lately minus the positive, but wasn’t sure why she was being this way. I used the personality hats theory of yours with her and she noted that she was try to be like S’s sister because she is cool and she looks up to her, then she saw how it wasn’t something that she liked so I”m glad.

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I don’t have many friends here that are parents who understand what I’m going through and it’s really hard at times not to have someone to talk to about dealing with the beginning of the teen years and parenting.

        As for my reaction to S’s sister pushing my buttons I’ll file that as a lesson learned and try to grow from it and not beat myself up about it regardless of what the “family” thinks about it.

        I’m done one motif on your choker and started the second one. I’m on a roll and it’s going much faster I hope to have it done before I leave for guide dog school so I can mail it to you when I’m in CA. I have the same feeling about getting my guide dog as you do. He/she will help me deal with all the things that stress me out IRL dealing with people in public and their reactions to me. Take care, M

        • B.E.M. says:


          So glad to hear about your talk with your daughter. Impressive…so many people could learn from your relationship.

          el free to email me and even…goddess forbid CALL me if you need someone to talk to.

          anytime sista’

          Can I say: *squeeee* about the choker? hehe

          • Thanks Tatyanna. I found it’s good to talk to my daughter especially when I lose my temper to tell her why and apologize. This also gives her a chance to learn and grow from my experiences as well as hers.

            I’ll will try to e-mail you when I need to talk sorry I can be a bit shy 🙂 OMG I forgot that I have your telephone numbers from my old journal. Silly me. Will try to do that as well.

            You can definitely squee about your choker. Thanks again.

    • B.E.M. says:


      Sorry for all the typos


      I went to your craft journal and looked at the choker pattern and I’m even more excited. It’s so amazingly gorgeous.

    • kwanyin2004 says:

      Accepting others doesn’t mean letting them disrespect you though.

      • B.E.M. says:

        Quite true.

        Quite true indeed.

      • That is true, I just wish that their family saw it that way. They seem to think I should bend over backwards for her regardless of her attitude and treatment of me and others till she is gone back to Europe because we don’t see her that often. Oh well can’t please everyone. Thanks.

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