Please send this to anyone who may patronize Pokez Mexican in San Diego. This was posted in someone’s LiveJournal and has now spread to 100’s of blogs and sites on the net. The family is in touch with the media, lawyers, autism activist groups and possibly(?) organizers of Comic Con. This restaurant will regret not firing the waitress on the spot!

With all the recent media coverage of autism statistics, who knows how fast and far this news may spread.

“Waitress at San Diego restaurant assaults autistic boy, is backed up by manager.”

2 Comments on Please Spread the Word: Autistic Child Assualted at San Diego Restaurant

  1. Huh? What the…….

    They told the manager and he said it was the child’s fault? I’m dumfounded…..hope the family totally kick ass. That’s just soooo out of order.


  2. Holy shit! How rude and assinine of the restaurant!!

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