This is what I posted about Valentines Day last year. It is just as profound for me this year.

So many moments of sensuosity this past year. Blessed..thankful..grateful.

May your V-day and the rest of 2007 be filled with sensuousness!


I admit it…I have always been a romantic. I like creating surprise romantic adventures, etc. But…unlike some women I find the strongest romance in little gestures or unusual things…not in material goods or cliche.

One can spend many years wanting Valentine’s Day to live up to the “cultural” hype that this country wants it to be. A few years back I let that notion go.

For instance…this Valentine’s Day was REALLY just another day. Just happened to be Feb. 14, 2006. I didn’t get any candy hearts. I didn’t get any flowers. I didn’t get any sappy cards that profess love and devotion.

But, you know what? I got more romance with the absence of all of those things, then I could have ever gotten with all those things present.

Here’s to everyday romance.
Here’s to the romance of honesty.
Here’s to the romance of laughter.
Here’s to the romance of compassion.
Here’s to the romance of thoughfulness.
Here’s to the romance of making someone smile.
Here’s to the romance of sharing one’s “art” with another.
Here’s to the romance of a slight tone of softness in a voice.
Here’s to the romance of being genuiney touched by a few little words.

That’s all. Pretty simple. Pretty uncomplicated.

Feb. 14th was a normal day like any other. It’s special people that make every day romantic.

Life can be lived sensuously. If you strive(or if just comes naturally) to make it moreso, I promise you won’t NEED days like Valentine’s Day.

sen·su·ous Pronunciation (snshs)

1. Of, relating to, or derived from the senses.
2. Appealing to or gratifying the senses.
a. Readily affected through the senses.
b. Highly appreciative of the pleasures of sensation.

sensu·ous·ly adv.

Synonyms: sensuous, sensual, luxurious, voluptuous
These adjectives mean of, given to, or furnishing satisfaction of the senses. Sensuous usually applies to the senses involved in aesthetic enjoyment, as of art or music

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