January 26, 2007
Concern about Outcomes
Cancer Daily Horoscope You may find yourself worrying about the outcome of your plans today, leaving you feeling anxious. This fretful mood will not help matters; instead, it would be more useful to direct your concerns towards positive action. With any plans, there will be adjustments necessary in the translation from our heads to the material world. Once you have done all that you can, it is time to trust the universe to take care of the rest of the details. As we co-create our world with the energy of the universe, we must launch our plans but then release our attachment to the outcome. This allows room for the universe to move, perhaps creating an outcome you never could have imagined. We can choose to release our concerns into the trustworthy care of the universe today and move forward with an expectation of goodness.

Worry can sometimes be the downfall of a plan. As we co-create the world, thoughts of worry become the building blocks. We create what we think, so dwelling on our concerns is not constructive. We are better served when we let them point the way toward improvement, but then focus our attention on finding a solution. It might be helpful to write down your concerns, then release them and write down a positive affirmation to use the next time worry rears its ugly head. When we use positive thinking as the brick and mortar of our dreams today, we are the architects of a beautiful future.

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