Mother of Stones in the West

Haindl goes to Native American tradition for his Queen of Stones–showing Spider Woman, her figure/face showing through a drawing that seems to represent a web or a labyrinth.

This is an old woman. She looks patient, resting there at the center of the web. The colors of the card are pale yellow-gold and brown with a bit of blue sky and a crescent moon.

There is a tiny human figure entering the labyrinth/web. The web of life, the web of relationships, the labyrinth of life we walk, hoping to find a central Source–all these come to mind in just a glance at the card.

A spider creates from her body a thread that becomes a tie, a net, between material objects. It sparkles in the sun, withstands storms, is sticky (for good or ill) and is a tool for the spider to accomplish her tasks. As a practical Queen, she symbolizes power, usefulness, and potential.

Elegant and multi-leveled symbolism, as we’ve seen in the other Haindl Queens.

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