Dear LJ friends. I just called Angela’s boss to get some information on her. I ahd been told, last week, that I needed to speak to her about Angela. My gut told me it was bad. My empathic self told me she has crossed over.

I left a message and then decided to, once again, do a Google search “Angela Bowden Los Angeles”.

This is what I found in a blog wriitern by a councilperson in the 13th LA District:

A City Mourns
As representative of the 13th district, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most extraordinary individuals in the country. From sanitation experts to public safety officers, the strength of Los Angeles can be found in the individuals that have devoted their lives to making the city a sparkling example of social justice, economic prowess, and community development. It was with great sadness that I attended the funeral of <a href=>LAPD Officer Landon Dorris</a>, a member of the Northeast Division who was killed in the line of duty when conducting a routine traffic investigation. A three-year veteran of the department, Officer Dorris achieved his dream of joining the LAPD after having served for 6 years in the California Highway Patrol. Father of three-year-old Landon, Jr. and one-year-old Brandon, Officer Dorris embodied the very best qualities of a father and a police officer. His presence will be missed in our community and in our hearts.Officer Dorris was not the only loss sustained by the City family. Angela Bowden, a long-time researcher for the Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE) organization, also left us too soon, passing away at the young age of 30. After dropping out of high school, she returned to Cal State Northridge, where she earned a degree in Deaf Studies/Linguistics, and then went on to earn a Masters in Economics from Cal State L.A. She worked tirelessly to connect low-income communities of color to information to develop effective, proactive workforce and economic development initiatives. My office worked very closely with her to develop a tiered health care workforce system that helped residents of the city move up the ladder in the health care industry. Angela’s life was an inspiration, and her legacy will challenge us to work for economic justice in this city and the world over.The work and commitment of Officer Dorris and Angela have forever changed the face of the city. Our thoughts and prayers are with both families.

My heart has just broken. She was an amqazing woman, a single parent of an wonderful young woman and a kindred spirit. I am trying to get contact information for her family to give them my condolences.

I do want to get the Jeep on the road…but OMG…this is horrible news…how do I ask a grieving family for a death certifictae?

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  1. nebris says:

    Did you ask the DMV what you need to do in this situation?

    And sorry about this, my dear. 30? Shit. What happened to her?


    • B.E.M. says:

      I spoke to her old boss. She told me that it was sudden and on Oct. 15th. That was right after had email contact from her. I last emailed with her on the 13th. SHe was in San Francisco. All I know is she was at a friends and it was sudden. There are not a lot of details being spoken of, even at the memorial, which they already had apparently. I now have her mother’s phone # and I will call her in the next few days. Her daughter, Becky, who is 16 is living with a very close friend now. Angela was an amazing woman.

      As for the DMV…I have to call and find out. i assume her next of kin has to sign it over to me. I’ll have to print the emails we sent each other. I bet I’ll need that and a death certificate. I don’t want to put teh family through trials…but…at some point it has to happen.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about it, hon. You CAN go to city hall direct and obtain a copy since death certificates are a matter of public record. That way you don’t have to trouble the family. *hugs to you*

  3. I can’t answer your question. I can only give *hugs* Sorry.

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your friend, 30 so young… *hugs*

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