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I don’t watch network news so I was a bit out of the loop on this one until I read about it on HotPotatoMAsh.

As many of you know, Michael J. Fox is a victim of Parkinson’s Disease and an advocate for stem cell research. He did a campaign ad for a candidate in Missouri that came under fire by right wing politicos.

“Jesus” is our spokesperson

That’s J.C., as in the actor who played Jesus in The Last Temptation of Christ.

Rush Limbaugh said some horrible things about M.J.F. and suggests that he purposefully neglected to take his medication and/or acted his way through the ad. Note how he states he WILL apologize is he is wrong.

RUSH rushes to a ridiculous conclusion.

Now, Katie Couric…now on CBS…who’s father has Parkinson’s…interviews M.J.F. about the controversy surrounding the ad campaign. I have to warn you, this is very hard to watch, but well worth it. It tears are your heart to watch this man suffering and speaking his mind and heart all at once. I have always respected him as a person, and this solidifies my support of him. What a brave and heroic man.

I’m sending him a letter of support. He needs to hear that the “majority” as he calls it, is behind him 100%. People like M.J.F. deserve our support!

Stay well, stay safe….blessings.

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  1. theresaboo says:

    Mmmm shall I say it?

    Rush is a fat ass republican that DIDN’T forget to take his “medication” and that’s have of his problem.

    I hate political loud-mouth people.

    as for MJF…he’s got the right idea. Thank you for sharing this.

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