Hi all…

It’s just me the desperate kitty mommy who ended up putting her special girls in boarding for 4 long and expensive weeks. *sigh*

But…I picked them up yesterday and they are home getting used to our new place. YAY!

We are living with a Jack Russell Terrier and a bunny. So far…no hissing. Pretty good eh?

If we can stop the dog from eating their food, we’ll be golden.

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  1. I’ve got the cat food dishes up on an unused counter because Blackie would eat their food (and then gett irritated tummy and then leave a rather nasty mess on the floor). While the cats don’t tend to get up on counters, they know that that’s “their counter.” Who am I kidding? It’s their house! I have to arrange myself around them when I go to bed! *LMAO*

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