“sickantired” who joined the WYSE Forums.

Joining the forums that belong to the organization I run is ridiculous. The forum is for WYSE mentors, directors, staff, volunteers and supporters. You are none of these.

Profile deleted.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    From sicantired

    As I was alerted to this post by others, and you have chosen to pass judgment, I will respond.

    I “joined” the WYSE Forums to find contact information regarding our shared personal matter. Once I found the name I needed I have not returned. This is borne out by the fact that not only did I never post anything on those forums (let alone read the posts), you have just discovered this – four months after the fact.

    If you wish to discuss this further, please bring it to my direct attention instead of posting a blog attack with assumptions that are untrue.

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