October 3, 2006
Investing In Stamina
Cancer Daily Horoscope

You may have a strong sense of compassion for others today. You may be opening your home to family members who need a place to stay or volunteering your time and resources to those in need in your community. Since your feelings of compassion may cause you to overextend yourself, you might consider putting safeguards in place to keep this from happening. One good way to keep your activities in moderation today is by taking time to rest periodically, even if you don’t feel tired at the moment. Remembering that fatigue can go unnoticed until it reaches an extreme level, you will see the wisdom of taking frequent breaks to rest and avoid depleting your energy. Restful activities might include quiet moments of meditation, reading, or rejuvenating walks in a natural setting.

Taking frequent breaks to restore our energy keeps our focus and stamina strong. We often get so involved with activities that are important to us that we can push ourselves beyond our limits of endurance. By choosing to pause and rest for a few moments, we allow ourselves a necessary period of rejuvenation that can restore our energy and renew our determination. Not only does this help us enjoy our activities more but it gives us the stamina to accomplish more than we would otherwise. As an added bonus, our mood is lighter and our focus is sharper, which also contributes positively to our tasks. By taking time to rest as you serve others today, you will be investing in stronger stamina and more enjoyable activities.

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