I am very patient.

I lose my patience alltogether when I have important information or something I need to tell someone. I lose my cool. I get anxious. I email madly. I consider aclling. Then I gain some control and relaize it is best to sit with this info and wait until the “right time”. NOW…is NOT that time. I know this.

It’s just that this revalation is big and I may busrt if I hold it in too long.

Spirit is working things and I trust that it will all be knowen in it’s own time.

It’s obvious that I need to get to [packing and using up this excess energy in that direction RIGHT NOW!

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    • B.E.M. says:

      I’ve packed 10 boxes. The whole kitchen! yay!

      My crates are here and J and I will load all the stuff in the garage…sans excess baggage…this afternoon!


      It’s also helping a ton. 😉

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