I am adopting out my Domino kitten. Jason Domino is his new full name. Before he is delivered to his new mommy I am treating him with Advantage because he has some fleas…it’s not a bad case.

How long does it take to kill all hatched fleas?

The website says 12 hours, but what is everyone’s real life practical experience?

Thanks bunches.

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  1. ross_winn says:

    advantage is the bomb…

    most in a day or two, probably a week for all of them, and you have to treat the house too.

    • B.E.M. says:

      Re: advantage is the bomb…

      I treated the momma cats. I isolated them in a room with no carpeting.

      I used Boric Acid on the carpets.

      I am moving Saturday.

      I treated Domino, but he may still have fleas when his new momma takes him. 🙁

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