I just have to say that I have a minor case of the warm fuzzies.

Thanks to y’all. 😉

Now on to what lies beneath the surface.

3 Comments on Case of the Warm Fuzzies

  1. kataish says:

    warm fuzzies are nice.
    (i know i don’t comment much, but yeah. i still read your entries)

    i’m still trying to think of a price on the art you want. i don’t really know what to tell you though. what type of art are you looking for? marker? i could do like, earth air fire water themed, i’ve been thinking about that. i don’t know.

    could you email me more and tell me what you’d like then i can get on figuring out a price, lol. Cos i just don’t know what to tell you without more info

    • B.E.M. says:

      ooo…I like the Earth, Air, Fire, WAter idea. Yes. Marker. You do so much with marker and it is shear brilliance really.

      I’ll email you later tonight, although I must warn you that I plan on getting myself good and intoxicated so it may be an dribken/high email. loooooong day. *Sigh*

      long month…shite!

      • kataish says:

        haha that works for me 🙂
        and that’s ok. drunken emails are the best!

        also let me know what approximate sizes you’d want them/what material (if you’ll be framing them, the best material would be just plain paper I think)

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