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Hi ya’ll.

So, I posted a few weeks back looking for a temporary babysitter for my ladies. Well…good news! I posted in the Los Angeles LJ community and found someone to take them in for 6 weeks while my son and I live with friends during our “housing transition”. YAY! The woman who is taking them in lives about 10 miles from me and does not have animals, but grew up with cats. Brigid and Sophie will be safe and warm.

Sophie on her second day at home:

Brigid is very curious about the camera:

I mentioned this before, but I’ll tell you all again…

I adopted these girls as strays back in May. My BF had been feeding them in his backyard, along with their mother, for a couple of months.  It turned out that both of them were pregnant. They were only 5 mos. old when I got them…if that. These girls got preggers as soon as they could.

The mother cat was a long time stary around his place. The cat that got my girls pregnant was most likely feral. why do I think this? Well, Brigid is a very assertive cat…very cautious…but she likes to be pet. Sophie, on the other hand, exhibits strange behavior.

Sophie will run when I come near her. Then…5 minutes later she will sit still so I can pet her. She will purr and roll over and “swoon”. Then…she will walk away from me…hide…and hiss. She has done this since day one!

How can I help her be less “bi-polar”?

btw: I have adopted out 2 of the kittens(2 litters of 4 each), but next week the other six will be going to a no kill shelter, since we have to be out of this house on Sept. 30th.

Adopted out 3 weeks ago. Eyes stayed blue. (girl)

Domino. Adopted and being picked up next Monday. (boy)


Scuze me while I scratch this spot!

It’s been a pleasure watching these kitties play and love eachother. The moms nursed eachother’s babies and they are all very close. I am sad to seperate them, but alas this is the plan set in motion by Mother nature.

It’s been expensive and trying, but I would do it again!

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  1. theresaboo says:


    Can you fed ex me a kitty? hehe

  2. The kittens are ADORABLE! And yes, it’s sad to see them go, but they’re lovely and will go to good homes. I’m glad to hear you got a kittysitter 😀

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