Cherokee akaTsalagi teachings

The Pale One left many prophecies and wondrous teachings. Let us remember that the practice of sacred relationship is practice of good relations with all in the family of life. Thus the Pale One gave seven reminders to the people that all might recall and honor the unity of the hoop:

1. What walks, swims, flies, or creeps is in relationship; the mountains, streams, and valleys and all things are related to your thought and action.
2. What occurs around you and within you reflects your own mind and shows you the dream you are weaving
3. Three principles of awakened mind guide enlightened action: will to see the Mystery as it is; intention to manifest one¹s purpose for the benefit of all; courage to do what must be done.
4. Generosity of heart and action brings peace and abundance to all in the circle.
5. Respect for elders, clan, land, and nation inspires acts in harmony with the sacred law, good care-taking of the gifts received.
6. Action to benefit the land and the people unto seven generations shapes the consciousness of the Planetary Caretaker, dreaming those yet unborn, ever mindful of life¹s unfolding.
7. To be in good relation, transforming patterns of separation, pacifying conflicting emotions, is to experience the wisdom within, the still lake of Mystery.

Arising from these teachings are the nine precepts in the Code of Right Relationship:

1. Speak only words of truth.
2. Speak only of the good qualities of others
3. Be a confidant and carry not tales
4. Turn aside the veil of anger to release the beauty inherent in all
5. Waste not the bounty, and want not.
6. Honor the light in all; compare nothing; see all for its suchness
7. Respect all life; cut away ignorance form one’s own heart
8. Neither kill nor harbor thoughts of angry nature, which destroy peace like an arrow
9. Do it now; if you see what needs doing, do it.

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