Getting some errands done this weekend with the help of a freind. YAY!

Helping a  friend with some computer problems feels good. YAY!

I put out a plea for donations to friends and family for WYSE and the outpouring has been overwhelming and touching.

I will be getting a large raise soon. Maybe this single mom will actually be able to stop living hand to mouth?

Update on SJW: so far so good. We’ll see how it works.

3 Comments on Better Days…hours?

  1. Hi..

    I tried to call you about 5 times…I kept getting a busy signal.
    I glad that things at WYSE is getting better…=)
    Good luck on the “large” raise…That’s always nice….=)
    Have great day!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Sounds like things are looking a wee bit up from the last time we yahoo’d. *hugs*

    • B.E.M. says:

      a wee bit…yah

      Some stuff is more difficult…but nothing taht can’t be resolved with some open communication. 😉

      and…I found a place for my son to stay. His best friends mom(kids live with dad) has an extra room in her house. J gets along with her really well. She drives me crazy though. So, I can’t stay with her. Good news: Mel’s place is less than a mile from this place. so….he’ll be close by his mommy. 🙂

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