Frequency Of Expectation

You may feel doubtful today and find yourself not believing in both people and situations. This could have you feeling suspicious about the motivations of others or overwhelmed with feelings of pessimism about your goals. One good way to overcome this mood is by examining your expectations more closely. As you delve into these feelings today, you will likely discover that you are afraid to trust that the universe is truly abundant and you are focusing on the potential for lack and struggle in every situation. If you turn these expectations around and consciously expect the best in every situation, you will not only feel lighter and happier but you will also begin attracting more positive people and circumstances into your everyday experiences.

The expectations we hold in our hearts and minds send out a certain frequency of energy that attracts exactly what we expect to experience in our lives. We often hold expectations of negativity in an effort to guard ourselves against loss or disappointment, but doing so only attracts more of what we’re guarding against. If we instead make a conscious effort to expect the best in each situation, our energy vibrations become higher and lighter, which will attract circumstances that correspond to that frequency. The more positive our expectations, the more positive people and circumstances we will attract into our lives, and the less we will feel the need to guard against lack or loss. If you change your expectations today, you will also notice the quality of your experiences adjusting in proportion.

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