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August 18, 2006
True Emotional Balance
Cancer Daily Horoscope You may find yourself feeling impulsive and prone to sudden purchases to fulfill your emotional needs today. Treating yourself kindly with a few new gifts may lift your mood temporarily, but you may find that the satisfaction only lasts a short time, which could lead you to spend even more money in an effort to placate yourself. If you instead explore your emotions and determine the cause of your impulsivity, you will be able to address your feelings directly rather than trying to smother them with material objects today. Simply find a quiet place to get into a relaxed state of mind, and then ask your inner self questions about any state of lack, anxiety, or emptiness you may feel. When the answers come forth into your conscious mind, you will know the right steps to resolve them completely.

By exploring the true cause of our emotions, we are able to resolve them in healthy ways rather than trying to muffle them with substitutions. When we begin feeling overwhelmed with emotion, our first response is usually to do whatever it takes to make ourselves feel better, even if the favorable result is superficial. Rather than trying to satisfy our emotional needs with material objects or busywork as distractions, we can instead choose to address our true emotional needs. Doing so gives us the freedom to balance our emotional responses and feel more in control of our happiness. By looking within yourself and addressing your emotional needs, you will find yourself feeling more balanced and in control today.

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