Oh yah. I announced to the women of WYSE that I intend on starting a WYSE branch or TWO on two different reservations. The branches would be run out of two American Indian colleges and they would work with middle school girls from reservation schools. WHY? The rate of rape, teen pregnancy and poverty is higher on many reservations than in the nation as a whole. We are a diverse organization that talks about empowring women and girls of ALL colors…we need to mean that and be proactive about it. AHO!

“A bit of sunshine, a drop of rain, a puff of life from the Great Spirit as He gently breathed upon that spot, created the Native Americans. They were well formed and agile, copper colored and proud.

–Harriet Starleaf Gumbs, SHINNECOCK
We are made in the image of the Great Spirit. A long time ago He breathed life into our ancestors. He made the Indian strong. He created a Warrior. Our ancestors created more warriors. We have been tested throughout the seasons and we are still here, stronger than ever. It is good to be Indian. We are proud of ourselves and our ancestors. Mostly we are proud the Great Spirit has never forsaken us, and continues to guide us.

My Creator, let me live my life today in a way that would make my ancestors proud. Let me remember each month that I am here to serve You. Today let me conduct my life in a way that also would make You proud.

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  1. I think that’s a fabulous and very admirable proposition. If I lived there, you know well I’d be volunteering time. 🙂 Well, with your organization and the local no-kill shelter. I believe in equal rights for the fuzzies too. 🙂

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