Have you ever heard of the masacre at Wounded Knee and wondered what happened?

Do you watch “Deadwood”? Well, if you do, there are a few facts about the Black Hills that may interest you, rivet you and shock you.

I enjoy the show, although this season has the same lsuter as the 3rd movie in a triology(baring Star Wars: Episode III). But…educating oneself about what else was going on around the mining camp (and even what Hearst really did there) regarding the indigenous people of teh land might just help carry on the stories of the people.

Wounded Knee: listen to “Ben Black Elk Speaks” for a reading of “Henry Black Elk Speaks of the Wounded Knee Masacre”, a personal account from a witness.

How all these business about treaties/land/reservations got started: check info on page below.

Leonard Peltier story: same page below

I am not Lakota…I am Powhatan…however, the story of the Lakota is as crucial and important to this nations history of disrespect and mal-treatm,ent of indigenous peoples as the stories of the 1st interactions of “pale face” with my ancestors in Virginia…a la…Matoaka (Pocahontas).


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  1. I love “Deadwood” and oddly enough, I have already looked at that site 😉

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