Hmmm…a birthday meditation. It’s very interesting. This was one of the biggest problems in my growing up, and therfore a recurring theme for me in times of stress.

Oh…and the idea of loving and being loved…a key componant of day to day interactions with all the really terrific folks I have had the pleasure of meeting/getting closer to this 37th year of my life.

The most significant relationship that this reminds me of is the NEW found relationship with my father (and step mother) that grew this year. I am thankful.

If you read these, you will find that they resonate with things in your CURRENT situations at well.

Blessings on your day.


“My friends, how desperately do we need to be loved and to love.”

–Chief Dan George, SKOKOMISH
Oh my great Creator: Help me this day to love myself. I can’t give away anything that I don’t have myself. If I am to love others, then I must love myself. If I am to forgive others, then I am to forgive myself. If I am to accept others as they are then I need to accept myself as I am. If I am to not judge others, then I need to lighten up on myself. Let me experience this power of love…

My Creator, today I will love myself so I can love my neighbor. I will look at each person today and see Your light within them. If I do this, I will hold my brothers and sisters without guilt


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