It JUST hit me this morning that when I turn 38 on Monday, I will be 2 years from 40.

Not freaked about 40.

But…I never really think about age…so this mornings “ahah” smacked me on teh head.

A woman who dates a 50 year old YOUNG man can’t really complain or take issue with aging…now can she? 😀


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  1. theresaboo says:


    It’s all how “cool” you make it sister. =) hehe

    • B.E.M. says:

      Re: =)

      This be the truf, huh?

      I usually celebrate witha large group of my closest friends, but this year’s um…”celebratory events” will be a bit more intimate in nature I reckon. ;p

      intimate=group widdled down to 2

  2. countdraga says:

    It is TRUE what they say about life beginning at 40
    I am a testament to it
    Everything got SO much better

  3. neanahe says:

    My husband is 47, but for some reason the 37 I am turning this month is annoying me. I am leaving my mid 30s, and start my late 30s. Bleh.

    Still, no matter how old I get, I’m still younger than him. I look MUCH younger. I love it when someone calls him my dad…. 😛

  4. Age is all in it’s perception. 🙂 Dave and I are less than 2 months apart, but he’s got a lot more grey hair than I do. *lol* He needs to think young more often. *hugs*

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