Only on LJ can you have a “one way” friendship be so plain. “so and so is a mutual friend”. erm…I would HOPE so if you/they bother to be on eachothers friends list. If not…*waves bye bye*

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  1. please no “wave bye bye”….this has been my first chance to check my f-page today…But…I do understand what you are saying in this post.


    • B.E.M. says:

      hi there. No no…I have noone currently on my flist that I would unfriend. I WAS just unfriended however. and, I’m not sad about it. It’s for the best. I just read someone’s page and realized how many people have one way “friend” links. I see no need for that…personally.

      YOU…Mr….are a dear friend…even at this infant stage of our friendship.’s two way. 🙂

      *huge hug*

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