Interviewed by kat_lindquist. Her questions are quite erm…PEFRECT! bwahahahahaha ;p

I’ll interview you TOO, if ya comment with: “Hit me up, sista’!”

1. How would you define your personal spiritualism in 50 words or less? (I was going to say 10 but my better nature prevailed ;))

I can probably do this in lessa than 10 words, actually.

In 6 words: I am on the Red Road.

To elaborate: My spiritualism can best be described as: A deep connection with the earth and all creation through a relationship with all my relatives: 2 leggeds, 4 leggeds, wingeds , the animals of the oceans and streams…the stone people, plant nation, star nation, and grandmother moon along with grandfather sun.

How’s that? 🙂

2. What would you and your SO consider a perfect getaway weekend? No, I don’t need the juicy details. I KNOW it would be juicy. 😉

Haha! as if I’d GIVE any juicy details. Whatever!

Let’s see…I guess I’ll go with one of TWO options: My S.O. and I would drive up to the “wilderness” and park the car. Grab our 30 lb. backpacks full of fixins’ for some delicious food cooked on an open flame. We would hike in the “back country” for 3 or 4 hours and choose a camp site in a  remote area…maybe by a stream or on a hill overlooking the setting sunset. Yep…this would be ideal. Maybe it’ll be hapnin’ soon. 😉

3. Here’s a toughie…what makes you melt more…a instrumental serenade or a purely vocal one? (yep. I know I’m being evil.)

heh heh heh I think YOU already know the answer…*poke*

If “someone” were to serenade (vocal only) me by singing let’s say a “Donny Hathaway” song or something along those lines, I would swoon, melt and then…heh smile real big. 😀

4. What would interest you more: a photo safari in Africa or a South Pacific cruise?

African PHOTO Safari …most deffinately!!!!

5. Boxers or Briefs (or Joe Namath mesh sling-shot bikinis?)  On me? Lace boy shorts. On “him”? Boxers!

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4 Comments on Interviewed by an Evil Impish Woman

  1. *Gamboling Like the Evil Imp I Am*

    1–sounds splendid! 😀 Well-put and well outlined.

    2–No, you’d just IMPLY juicy details. *wink wink nudge nudge*

    3–Yes, I know. But I’d find it hard to choose between Josh Groban and Jesse Cook playing me some sultry Spanish tune on his guitar. Mmmmm *smacking self*

    4–I specified photo safari. We both know how we feel about hunting ones. *chuckle* Not to say I wouldn’t go on a hunting one to sabotage the hunters. I can be a right bitch that way. LMAO

    5–*hee hee* I’m surprised you didn’t say “none of the above.” 😉

  2. You’re not going to return the meme to your fans? *lmao*

    I’ll say “interview me” if you’re up for it. 😀

    • B.E.M. says:

      fans? *LMAO*

      I was unfriended recently.

      Ok. Here goes:

      1. If you could choose to be ANY character in ANY movie, which would it be and why?

      2. If you could live anywhere on Earth, what location would you choose and why?

      3. Paper or Plastic? hehe Do you Recycle? Why or why not?

      4. What is the one BEST piece of advice you have even been given?

      5. What is the strangest item that you collect? Expalin yourself damnit!!!! :p

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