How apropo. I’m most likely going t a La-wapi ceremony today. It’s a Lakota healing ceremony. This ceremony is reputed to be chock FULL of etherial phenomena.

God=broad concept of God. Creator and Mother Earth. When they say “Spirit” this means all of the above inclusive of all the relations(2 legged, 4 legged and winged, etc. who have come before us).

Matakuye Oyasin (‘all my relations’ or ‘we are ALL related’)


“You are going to learn the most important lesson – that Spirit is the most powerful thing there is.”

–Mathew King, LAKOTA
The Medicine Wheel teaches that there are two worlds – the Seen World and the Unseen World, or the Physical World and the Spiritual World. We need information from both of these worlds in order to live our lives in a harmonious way. The most difficult way is to figure things out by ourselves and leave the Great Spirit out of it. When we do this, we are making decisions with information only from the Physical World. This can be called reliance on self. If we ask the Creator to help us, we then get information from the Unseen World or the Spiritual World. The Spiritual World is where we get our power. When we do this, we are God-reliant. Being God-reliant is the same as being on the Red Road.

Great Spirit, whisper the secrets of the Unseen World in my mind’s ear.

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