I woke up at 3AM and read this. It was EXACTLY what I needed at the time. My dreams were repeating some fear stuff I am dealing with in my life.

Earlier in the night an insect flew into my room. I thought it was a bee so I was not freaked out. Bees never make me nervous(unless in a hive). But…I have a terrible irrational fear of beetles. When I was 15 a beetle flew into my hair and got stuck for 5 mins.

Anyway, this bug WAS a BEETLE! I was already calm when I realized this. I coaxed it gently with a box top and words to fly out of my room, down thw hall and down the stairs to turn the corner and go out the front door. It was pretty unusual.

I take this event and it’s timing to mean some specific things in regards to my currnet fears and the need to be brave and see the magic that occurs because of it.

I will surrender, open my heart to what comes and surrender(be brave).

“I believe much trouble and blood would be saved if we opened our hearts more.”
–Chief Joseph, NEZ PERCE
We are as sick as our secrets. Our ego takes over control of our lives and when that happens our minds get very sick. Then we hurt people and our minds will always justify our actions. Our minds will give us rationalization and excuses that we are justified in doing what we are doing.

My Creator, Let me live today with an open heart. Let me realize to be vulnerable is a strength, not a weakness. Let me realize the power of an open heart. Let me be available to truth. If I get into trouble, let me hear the whisper of your guidance. Let me make heart decisions and let my head catch up to that decision.

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