My little kitty mommies’ claws are growing into switchblades. eek!

Brigid came out of their hiding spot(the bathroom) and explored today. It was her first time REALLY coming out in a couple of weeks. The mommies are protecting their young from my roomie’s adult cat.

Brigid’s nails are SO long that she sticks to the rug with each step.

Sandi finally came out. Sophie AND Brigid were in the hall. They freaked. BUT…poor Sophie’s right paw got snagged on the rug and she couldn’t run.

That must have been very scary. My roomate and I got her unstuck….but…we MUST clip their nails a bit this weekend.

While Brigid was exploring she went into Julian’s room for the 1st time. Then…it HIT ME! While Julian is in Rochester this summer(he leaves Monday) at my dad’s the families(furry ones) can “live” in his room. Litter boxes et al.

By the time he gets back they will be ready for adoption.

So…come Monday afternoon I will move everyone into their new digs. This will be great for the kittens since they will have more interesting things to explore.


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  1. That’s good for the kittens too. builds up their courage. 🙂

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