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  1. bellevue_73 says:

    The Topaz Club

    Hi Taty,

    I see you take quite an interest in astrology. So do I. I do have some basic knowledge of astrology too. (Hehe, I’m a Virgo whose totally feeling the venom of Scorpio running thru my veins right now…(Progressed Sun Sign Libra progressing to Scorpio…with Progressed Ascendant Libra also progressing to Scorpio).

    Anyways, my name is Arana. I’m the Founder of The Topaz Club, an online-based social/support sisterhood for biracial/multiracial ladies who are part black and are mixed with other heritages. You’re invited to join the TTC family. TTC is the first and the largest online-based social network for mixed race ladies like ourselves.

    Here’s our informational website that describes TTC’s mission:

    If you would like to join TTC, contact me at this e-mail address:

    I’ll have to send an invite by e-mail in order for you to join the group.

    We’re quite a tight-knit family there, so I hope you’ll check us out. We’re also constantly looking for new blood to join us too.

    Arana (Founder of The Topaz Club)

    • B.E.M. says:

      Re: The Topaz Club

      Hey Arana,

      email me at tatyannamw at gmail dot com

      I checked out teh club site. It’s a fantastic idea and looks liek a grewt group. I’m a bit old to be a member though. 🙂 BUT, I am very interested in what you are doing with the group. I run a woman and girls mentoring organization.

      I assume you found me on Mulatto?

    • B.E.M. says:

      Re: The Topaz Club

      Just read your journal…so the group is women and teens? Fabulous.

      I look forward to being involved. 🙂

  2. Wow, I haven’t made recycled paper in ages. It’s so fun I just might take it up again. I recall being first introduced to making recycled paper in elementary school, how cool is that! Happy summer solstice, taty

  3. hi….=)

    your birthday is less than a month away…any grand plans of of yet?

    did you receive my email btw?

    I am off now into the night…acting till I drop it seems….haha…but..I think these films are some of my best efforts…I may be done with them by July.

    Have a great night!….=)

    • B.E.M. says:

      Re: hi….=)


      I was hoping to gather a group of my closest and dearest to do a camping adventure, but it may just be a backpacking getaway for two…me and my S.O. We’ll see. Depends on funds. I am awaiting a tax check.

      I got your email and sent a few replies with various photos of my area. I took all of them.

      I’m looking forward to seeing some of the work you are doing. Sounds great!

      Take care.

      • Re: hi….=)

        camping sounds like a blast!…but backpacking would be just as nice…=)

        thanks so much for sending the images of your area….I just checked out the first set…wow!…it looks like a dream to me…=)
        will check out the rest when I get home if I have time before my shoot today…..hopefully….If not then when I get home late tonight.

        you also take care dear lady!

        have a wonderful day!

  4. countdraga says:

    a good recycling tip, using dryer lint for paper making!
    think of all that stuff you have thrown away.

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