What do folks generally do when they have not seen a post or comment from an flist-er for over two months? Do you check to see if tehy are alive? unfriend? Just wondering.

I know folks go friends only and then use filters.

I wouldn’t wanna “nudge” anyone who is just keeping to themselves.

I’m just thinking that a person could stay on one’s flist for years with no posting.

ack..just being organized…sorry…it’s because I can organize here so I don’t have to clean my room.

3 Comments on flist Disapearing Trick

  1. neanahe says:

    I kind of wait and see if they come back. When they show up on my info page with a line through their name (I hate that) I will, eventually, let them go.

  2. beloved_juno says:

    I guess I’d figure that they are just taking an LJ break, most likely. Probably I’d leave them on for a while, unless they’ve actually deleted their journal. I don’t think I’d nudge them. That nudge thingy is evil.

  3. I’ve used the nudge feature once after a friend of mine here hadn’t posted for 3 months. I was worried about her. it’s actually a pleasant little email that gets sent and not nasty. However, I do have friends I haven’t seen around in a long time (7 months plus) that I have finally deleted. They can still read mine, but i don’t bother checking theirs anymore. if they end up commenting again, I’ll add them back.

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